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What Does It Mean to Live in the Mountains?

Dirtbike in the mountains

Dirtbike in the mountains

To live in the mountains is a gift.  There’s truly no place flat that can compare.  That may seem like common sense, but if you’ve never been in the position to live in the mountains, you can’t possibly know.  All mountain towns are unique, but they all share some common qualities.

Super  Chill

It’s a fact.  If you live in the mountains, you’re a chill person.  If you aren’t a chill person, you won’t like living in the mountains.  By chill, we mean relaxed and able to go with the flow.  That hyper bustle of other places doesn’t vibe at elevation.  It’s hard to pinpoint how this feeling relates to the epic peaks, but we’ve got some guesses.  Those mountains aren’t going to be moved by you or anyone else any time soon.  So chill out and find a way to work with them.


Haven’t you dreamed of being in a beautiful place all day every day?  If you live in the mountains, this is a reality for you!  Mountains dwellers are dreamers, seekers, artists and peakers.  We can’t imagine living a life that isn’t breathtakingly beautiful every day.


Like an alluring woman, mountains are complete with the best curves you’ve seen since Marilyn Monroe.  Carving corners, knees dragging, you won’t find this kind of terrain anywhere else.  Two wheels, four wheels, off road, on road – whatever your fancy, the mountains are calling to your inner wild.


There’s no way around it.  If you haven’t had an out of body experience, you will if you move to the mountains.  There’s something about the incredible size of these landmasses that make you get meditative and filled with awe.  There’s a lot of preaching about being on mountaintops and it’s no coincidence you’ll find the most in-tune guru living in a hut on a mountain crest.


If you’re a child of winter, you already know what we’re talking about.  Where there are mountains, there is snow.  Where there is snow, there is skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.  Could there be a better playground?  We think not.


Seems obvious, but it’s ridiculous how many people don’t think about the elevation.  Altitude sickness is a real thing.  What happens to your body when you live at or near sea level and you decide to hop in a car (or plane) and visit somewhere at 5,000 ft to 10,000 ft elevation?  You cells actually become deprived of oxygen.  This causes all kinds of physiological changes to occur.  So think twice before consuming the same amount of alcohol or herb as you would at sea level.  Same goes for giving blood.  Life at a higher level is different.  That’s how we like it.